Top Tips For Selling Your Home

May 4, 2016

Are you considering selling your home?  We have some useful tips for selling your house to help you maximise its potential and make it appealing to buyers. There is rarely a need to make huge changes to  your home but the following simple steps can make all the difference in ensuring a quick sale at the best price.


What type of first impression does your house currently give?  Step outside the front of the house  and look  at it as objectively as you can.

First impressions are of huge importance. You want your house to appeal to potential buyers as soon as they see it. By applying the following, you can ensure your house has kerb appeal.

Paint the front gate, fence, pillars if they have not been done in a while.

The front garden, if you have one, should be immaculate. Hedges trimmed, flowerbeds tidy and lawn cut. Dead leaves or debris need to be cleared daily. Adding some bright plant pots can immediately improve a first impression of a house and need not cost too much.

Windows should be spotless, including frames. If there is peeling paint, repaint.

Porches, including their ceilings, should be thoroughly cleaned, they are the perfect spot for spiders and their webs and ensure front door and any handles, letterbox and door signs are shining.

Clear out any sheds, outhouses or garages. These are often the most neglected areas of our homes and often become a dumping ground for unwanted items. Now is the time to get rid of the contents.

Outside bins should be stored as neatly as possible .

Where possible, children’s bikes and toys should be tidied away.

Garden furniture is a welcome addition to any outside living space, even a small balcony can benefit from an outside table and chairs.


Potential buyers when viewing a house want to be able to imagine themselves living in this space.

The main goal when preparing the inside of your house for sale is to declutter and depersonalise to showcase your home in its best possible condition.

Use this opportunity to remove clutter from the house.

Remove personal belongings such as photographs, family heirlooms and kids art.

Clean all rooms thoroughly, from the ceiling down.  Have soft furnishings and carpets professionally cleaned.

Soft furnishings are really important in living rooms because they can add colour and luxury.  The addition of a new cushion covers in a striking colour can transform a room.

Kitchens should smell fresh and clean, so use your sense of smell.  Even with extractor fans, kitchens can harbour odours, especially from fish, garlic and other strong smelling foods.  Before viewings, avoid cooking strong smelling foods. Use your sense of touch: is your kitchen really clean? Run your fingers over work surfaces and units to feel for stickiness or grease.  Units should be spotless inside and out.

Bedrooms should be tidy, clean and fresh.  Keep surfaces and floors clear of clutter, especially shoes and bags.  Give the room a deep clean – including under the bed.  A build-up of dust makes a room smell musty.

Bathrooms should be gleaming with fresh towels hung.

Open the windows before the viewers arrive.

By spending the time putting these simple tips to work you can showcase your house to its maximum potential.