Tips for Making A House Move Easier With Children

November 23, 2016

Moving house may sometimes be a stressful experience for an adult but there is no reason why it should be for children. We have been selling homes to families for many years and as parents ourselves we have tips for making a house move easier with children that we have learned over the years.

  • Let the children know about the possibility of moving as early as you can. Children overhear so much of our conversations and its important they find out from you and not from overheard conversations.
  • Where possible and this will depend on the age of the children, let them get involved in the decision process. Bring them to house viewings, ask for their feedback on what they like about possible new homes.
  • When talking about the move, focus on all the exciting elements for example what colour they would like their new bedroom to be or what they like about the garden or new area. Talking regularly takes away some of the uncertainty children can feel about moving and making plans will help them view the move as as an adventure and something to look forward to whilst reassuring them about any worries they may have about the upcoming changes.
  • If possible visit the new area regularly before moving day. Find out where the closest park/library/ shops are and  walk around the neighbourhood. If moving further away, Google Maps can really help get a feel of a new area. Google street maps will allow the child or children to explore the new area virtually.
  • In the run up to moving day encourage older children to get involved in the decluttering and packing and return to the earlier point of focusing on their new rooms and how great they will be to motivate!
  • Moving day- Accept any and all offers of help with younger children. Encourage the children to say goodbye to their old home. Have one bag or box of the children’s favourite toys and belongings  to unpack first in the new house. We would always recommend you unpack the child’s room first and then the kitchen. Keep their bed linen separate  so when they climb into bed on their first night, the scent and feel of their bed covers are familiar.
  • Celebrate- close the new door and spend the first night together once the children’s rooms are ready to sleep in. Order takeaway have a picnic on the ground if unpacking takes longer than expected   ( Pizza doesn’t need cutlery) and talk about all the great things that will happen in your new home.


If you have a tip or trick on what made moving with children easier for your family, please let us know. It’s great to hear what works for other families.