Pay By Weight Bin Charges Postponed

July 4, 2016

Pay by weight bin charges postponed

Pay By Weight Bin Charges Postponed

The proposed new pay by weight bin charges were due to come into effect from July 1st 2016 have now been postponed for another year, at least. The legislation was drafted in 2014  by former Environment Minister, Alan Kelly, who claimed at the the time, that this new system could potentially save households up to 90% on their waste collection bills by seperating waste correctly and recycling more.

The proposed changed became mired in controversy over the last month or two as private waste management customers informed their customers of their proposed new charges.  Under the new system, annual flat fees were to be abolished, three waste bins were to be provided to all households and minimum rates per kilogram of waste applied.

While there is to be no charge for the lifting of green bins, many  waste companies planned to introduce weekly service charges and proposed rates per kilo of waste lifted were substantially higher than the minimum rates set out by the government.  Many families quickly became aware that their waste charges, particularly in Dublin, could double or even triple in some instances under the new system. Eager to avoid another water charges fiasco, Minister of Local Government, Simon Coveney stepped in and has postponed the new charges for another year, allowing households to get used to the new changes.  Minister Coveney has also promised to cap charges if waste management companies increase bills over the year.

What happens now?

These measures are now in place and hopefully will help to iron out any potential problems and avoid confusion as we move towards a system were we are charged by how much waste and the type of waste we produce per household.

As things now stand there can be no increases between June 2016 and June 2017 and from January 2017 dual billing will be introduced, allowing households to see exactly how much waste they are having collected and the costs involved. Customers will also have the option from January 2017 to move to pay per weight if they want to at that stage.

Over the next six months a public awareness campaign is to be run informing households of the benefits of separating waste to reduce bills and the benefits of recycling to the environment and in 12 months time the situation will be reassessed with a promise of legislation to set a maximum amount waste companies can charge if the prize freeze is not adhered to.  Some waste management companies are asking customers to opt out of the pay by weight proposed charges rather than automatically freezing prices, so it’s strongly recommended to contact the company you use to confirm your waste charges.

Further information on pay by weight bin charges  can be found on the Citizens Information website here and we will be adding more information on composting, recycling and other ways households can reduce their waste collection on the site over the coming weeks.